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*December 1, 2015

The 5th Annual Conference was very successfully held on Nov. 28 (Fri.) and 29 (Sat.) at Rissho UniversityTokyo



September 2015 

. Working Papers have just started. The site concerned is

 from which the papers are downloadable. So far three papers are available.


Nov. 22 (Sat.)


The 4th Annual Conference is to be held on Nov.29 and 30

at Rikkyo Univ., Tokyo. The program is available at:



March 28 (Fri.)

Foreign Advisory Board is composed of the following members. (Approved by the Third Assembly [Dec. 7, 2013]) (without title and in alphabetical order)

・Roger Backhouse (UK)

・Bradley Bateman (US)

・Anna Carabelli (Italy)

・Robert Dimand (Canada)

・Jan Kregel (US)

・Maria Cristina Marcuzzo (Italy)

・Roderick O'Donnell (Australia)

・Sunanda Sen (India)  

Feb.19, 2014 [猫] Final Version

International Workshop

 March 15-17, 2014

Sano-shoin, Hitotsubashi University   

 Part I  "Welfare Economics and the Welfare State in Historical Perspective” " March 15th (Saturday)

 u  10:15  Opening

 u  10:30  Chair:  Roger Backhouse (Univ. of Birmingham)   

・Atsushi Komine (Ryukoku Univ.)
      Beveridge and His Pursuit of an Ideal Economics: How was the Post-war 

Vision Constructed?

      Comment: Avner Offer (Univ. of Oxford)

・Steven Medema (Univ. of Colorado Denver)  ‘Exceptional and Unimportant’?: Externalities in Economic Analysis, 1940-1960.” 

   Comment: Norikazu Takami (Waseda Univ.)              

u  12:3013:40  Lunch 

u  13:4515:45  Chair: Allan Gibbard (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor) 

Nanako Fujita (Nagoya City Univ.)       Gunnar Myrdal and Swedish Welfare Policy Ideas” 

       Comment: Alain Marciano (Uni. of Montpellier)   

・Roger Backhouse "the neoclassical synthesis and the emergence of heterodox economics"       

 Comment: Yoshihiko Hakamata (Chuo Univ.)   

u  15:4516:00  Coffee

 u  16:0518:05

Chair: Peter Cain (Sheffield Hallam Univ.) 

・Avner Offer “Economic Theory and Social Democracy: The Nobel Prize Economists”

  Comment: Roger Backhouse

 ・ Allan Gibbard    “Welfare and the Social Contract”
        Comment: Reiko Goto ( Hitotsubashi Univ.) 

 u  18:30-20:00  Reception Dinner at Sano-Shoin  

March 16th (Sunday) 

u   10:0012:00

Chair: Dieter Plehwe (Social Science Research Centre, Berlin)

・Shogo Nishibayashi (Rikkyo Univ.)   “A. V. Kneese in the History of Environmental Economic Thought”  

  Comment: Steven Medema

・Alain Marciano    “Buchanan’s Positive Political Economy: Non-coercive Welfare Economics for Self-interested Individuals”

  Comment: Satoshi Yamazaki (Kochi Univ.) 

u  12:0013:00  Lunch 

u  13:0015:00 

 Chair: Avner Offer

・Peter Cain Utopian elements in Hobson's welfare economics before 1914.

  Comment: Tamotsu Nishizawa (Hitotsubashi Univ.) 

・Dieter Plehwe    “Neoliberal Think Tanks and the Crisis”   

   Comment: Yukihiro Ikeda (Keio Univ.) u  15:00-15:15    Coffee   


Part II 10th International Keynes Conference: “Present and Past Globalization: Keynes’s Relevance Today” 

                            Supported by the Keynes Society Japan (KSJ) 

u  15:15 -15:30  “On KSJ Activities for Our Foreign Colleagues”                                     Toshiaki Hirai (President, KSJ) 

Session I.    Chair: Julio Lopez (Universida Nacional Autònoma de Mèxico) 

u  15:30 -18:30

Cristina Marcuzzo (Univ. di Roma “La Sapienza”)    

 “Whatever Happened to the Keynesian Multiplier”

  Comment: Hirohiko Okumura (Gakushuin Univ.)

・Jiro Obata (Rissho Univ.)     “A Development of Theory of Money from Keynes to Hicks” 

   Comment: Cristina Marcuzzo 

 ・Beth Gennè (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor) 

“A Fragment of Civilization”: John Maynard Keynes, Lydia Lopokova and the Birth of British Ballet" 

   Comment: Anna Carabelli (Univ. del Piemonte Orientale) 

March 17th (Monday) 

Session II . Keynes and International System  

 Chair: Giuseppe Fontana (Univ. of Leeds) 


・Anna Carabelli “Globalization and Keynes’s Ideal of a “Sounder Political Economy Between All Nations”  

   Comment: Nobuhiro Ito (Takasaki City Univ. of Economics)  

・Toshiaki Hirai (Sophia Univ.) “Keynes’s Battle over International Monetary SystemSystem Designer vs Pragmatist”   

  Comment: Anna Carabelli   

・ Giuseppe Fontana  “Central Banking in a Monetary Union: A Monetary Theory of Production Perspective” 

     Comment: Julio Lopez 

u  13:00-15:00  Lunch 

Session III.   Chair: Anna Carrabelli

u  15:00-17:00

・Julio Lopez   “The Macroeconomics of the Neoliberal Reforms: Mexico’s Experience”

  Comment: Masao Ishikura (Hitotsubashi Univ.)

・Asahi Noguchi (Senshu Univ.) “Controversies Regarding Monetary Policy and Deflation in Japanfrom the 1990s to the early 2000s”

  Comment: Giuseppe Fontana 

 u  17:00-18:00 Round Table On The Return to Keynes Translated

・Presenter: Cristina Marcuzzo

Panelist: Atsushi Naito (Otsuki City College)   

         Yuichi Kimura (Saitama Univ.)   

         Hiroyuki Shimodaira (Yamagata Univ.)    


Dec.3 (Tues.)[猫]

 The papers which are to be  published,  being translated into Japanese, in Why Is Keynes  Needed Now? run as follows: 

(1)   The Chimera of Export Led Growth and External Debt Reduction After the Financial Crisis                Jan Kregel 

(2) The Relevance of Keynes's International Economics to Today's World                       Anna M. Carabelli & Mario A. Cedrini

 (3) Why Keynes matters, from the point of view of policy making in Britain                                         Roger E. Backhouse 

(4) Keynes for the world of today             Maria Cristina Marcuzzo 

(5) Keynes’s Relevance Today from a Philosophical  Viewpoint

                                                                                         Rod O’Donnell 

Nov. 22 (Fri.) Announcement of Why Is Keynes Needed Now?


The KSJ (with Toshiaki Hirai as an editor-at-large) is editing its second book, Why Is Keynes Needed Now?, composed of four parts (in Japanese). This is based on three symposia and a special lecture, hosted by the KSJ in cooperation with several universities. We asked several foreign distinguished scholars to write papers which the main focus should be on why he or she thinks Keynes is needed now. The results are papers by Profs. Jan Kregel, Anna Carabelli & Mario Cedrini, Roger Backhouse, Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, and Rod O'Donnell. Their papers have already been translated into Japanese. The book is to be out early next year.

Nov.9 (Sat.) 14:00-17:00

Symposium on "Abenomics and Keynesian Economics" 

is to be held by the KSJ and the Institute of Economics Research, Chuo Univ. 

Venue: Tama Campus, Chuo Univ.  Bld.7 2nd fl. Room 7211.

Access: Go to "the Tachikawa St.", JR Chuo Line, then walk for five min. to the Tama Monorail Line's "Minami Tachikawa St.",

then get off at the "Chuo Univ. & Meisei Univ.St., and you will see the Campus ---just in front of you.


    Prof. Y. Shiozawa (Chuo Univ.)

    Prof.  A. Noguchi (Senshu Univ.)
   Prof.  R. Kuroki   (Rikkyo Univ.)

Chaired and Organized by Prof. T. Asada (Chuo Univ.)

(1) Open to everybody and free of charge.

(2) Japanese is used here.

Why not Join us!!

Sep.27 (Fri.)

The 3rd annual conference - The language used there is confined to Japanese only, although the papers are allowed to be written either in Japanese or in English. At the moment KSJ defers to other international conferences (in the form of cooperation) such as International Keynes Conferences as far as English as the official language is concerned.



Sep.23 (Mon.)

 The third annual conference welcomes two invited lectures by distinguished scholars:

(1) Dec. 7 (Sat.)

Emeritus Professor Yuichi Shionoya (Hitotsubashi Univ.)

"Philosophy, Art, and Economics in Keynes: in the Context of Enlightenment versus Romanticism" (in Japanese)

(2) Dec. 8 (Sun.)
Professor Rod O'Donnell (University of Technology Sydney) 
"IYLM: A General Theory-Compatible ISLM Model" (in English)



The probgram is now available from the following site. The English version

is yet to be ready. 

August 18, 2013

・The Third Annual Conference is to be held on Dec. 7 (Sat.) and 8 (Sun.) at the Kanda Campus of Senshu University, located just in the midst of Tokyo. The program has been completed and is to be announced soon. 

The venue is the tallest building below.


Kanda Campus, Senshu University

・The Kanto District meeting is to be held on October 19 (Sat.) at Rikkyo University, Tokyo. The two papers are to be read:

one dealing with Fishers's theory of debt deflation, while the other with Economics in the interwar period Cambridge School.

立教大学.jpg Rikkyo University, Tokyo

・The panel discussion is to be held at the Tama campus of Chuo University, with the theme, "Abenomics evaluated and Keynesian Economics" on November 9.


Tama Campus, Chuo University, Tokyo





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